May 9, 2011

belated mother's day.

hello my loves,
i had such a crazy/busy week this past week that i just couldn't seem to find the time to update. it was my last week at my job, pete's birthday, and mother's day weekend as well.

saturday was my last day of work, and everyone made it very special for me - they showered me with goodbye cards, gifts, treats, hugs and kind words. i will really miss all the friends i made there for sure. on saturday night i had some people at my place for pete's birthday celebrations! we had such a great time, we went to clinton's for "shake a tail" which is a 60's night of cuteness. i always have the best time when i go there, and everyone who came seemed to have a great time! most importantly pete did, and that's what matters most to me!

sunday after crawling out of bed with an insane hangover, and after staying up until 5am the night before, pete and i went to a pub around the corner from my place to watch the manchester united game! i wore the man u jersey pete gave me for the first time, and they won (phew!)

sunday afternoon i headed to my brother's place and then we all headed to see our mommy for mother's day. she's so incredible, i have posted about her so many times on here. i can't help but constantly talk about how lucky i am to have her in my life. she is my mom, my best friend, my inspiration, my heart. i love my mom more than anything, and never ever take her and all she does for granted. i say i love you every day and never forget to tell her how incredible she is.

we had a great time (as usual) at our family gathering, but my grandpa never came because he's got a bad cold. my grandma started feeling sick as well, she uses a puffer for when she is out and about to help her breathing. she took a turn for the worse that night and we had to call an ambulance. she is doing a lot better now and we found out she had a very mild heart attack. i spent the whole night worrying about her and my grandpa but am so thankful to hear she is doing well and that they are keeping her in the hospital for a couple of days and running some tests. please keep her in your thoughts though, and think happy thoughts.

today was my first day of my new job! i woke up and picked out a super cute outfit, and did my hair all pretty and then headed to queen west (omfg, it's so epic) early to walk around in the sunshine. my first hour of work was spent on the rooftop patio in the sun doing orientation (yes please!) it was a good first day. the people seem really nice and cool and the place is so laid back! i have a great feeling already. the hours are going to take some getting used to, but it's a step in the right direction. i took an hour lunch, walking around in the sunshine and reading my book. a great first day for sure!

i am planning on doing a toronto blogger meet up post this week, so stay tuned! otherwise, hope all you darlin's are doing well! i think spring is finally here in toronto, i just hope it's here to stay! i got my first sun burn of the season today!:)

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  1. hey julie!

    so last night i had a dream about you!!! so it was your birthday and Julia, Pete and I were at an apartment (the apartment itself was super wierd, it had a kitchen in every corner? maybe it was so you could have multiple cupcakes going in all of the ovens) anyway. Pete bought you a card for your birthday and then when we opened it up we noticed it said "happy birthday to my fiancée" haha

    so then Pete said he needed to buy a ring really quickly!

    but the end of the dream was that he cleared all of the furniture out of the living room (he piled it in all of the kitchens) and vaccummed the floor.

    I wish i could say there was a proposal! so weird!


    have a great day, so happy you like your new job :) sounds like it is perfect for you.




you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)