May 14, 2011

bridesmaids, so good!!

last night, pete, jordan, alan, fab and i saw bridesmaids! i have been waiting to see this movie for months:) i knew it would be amazing because kristen wiig is one of my favourite people of all time (and i am such a huge SNL fan!) also judd apatow movies are my absolute fave!
i honestly laughed throughout the entire movie and loved every second of it. i love going to the movies so much, i am such a geek like that. also, there were soooo many good previews! eee!
anyway, i highly recommend this movie if you want to smile & laugh a lot:)

this week flew by!
the first week of my new job was wonderful. the company is so hip & fun and the people are all really nice. it's so laid back and awesome. also - working on queen west is like heaven!
today was my first saturday off in months! it's so awesome having a weekend again.
today pete & i went to st.lawrence market (something to cross off my 26 before 27 list!) and we stopped by my mom's cousins fruit stand that him and his son run! they gave us free strawberries and peaches:) we had a lovely (yet rainy) day there. after that i had a cupcake order, 2 dozen for a baby shower (it's a boy!) so that was fun too.

i am looking forward to lounging and snuggling with pete tonight, watching some movies and SNL tonight!!! also, i was angry blogger was down for 2 days when i had so much time & energy to do my toronto blogger meet up update! i am either going to do it tonight or tomorrow.
let's get this going my toronto girlies!

happy saturday:)


  1. I'm going to see Bridesmaids tonight with my boyfriend! Judd Apatow's films are my favourite as well!

  2. you're going to love it! tell me what you think:) yesss, you have good taste!

  3. i can't wait to see it. I've only heard great things from everyone about it. :)

  4. diane...they are so right! you will love it i'm sure!;)

  5. Oh I can't wait to see this movie!


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