May 20, 2011

mila kunis = hot!

happy friday everyone!

& to my canadian pals, happy "may 2-4"

it's hot as f$#k friday,

& this weeks hottie is...

mila kunis ♥

she is absolutely GORGEOUS, just so frigging pretty. i think she is so adorable, i love her voice and her style. she's cute as button! and she always has the hottest photo shoots too:)

check her out...

all photo's are from my beloved pinterest.

damn, i need to hit the gym.

hahaha, babe alert.

lots of updates to come this weekend!

hope you all have a lovely one!


  1. I totally Agree! She is so beautiful. To the gym we go! lol.

  2. Oh I 100% agree with you on this one - just stunning!

  3. mila is a stone fox, that is fo sho... have a happy may 2-4 fellow torontonian friend! i wish i wasn't working the whole bloody thing... ungh

  4. She's a babe!! I also super think she's awesome because she used to play World of Warcraft...with her boyfriend...Macaulay Culkin. Say whaat?


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