June 18, 2011

anottttther outfit post?!

i am doing another outfit post.
who am i? hahaha:)
i had to share this though because i LOVE this dress.
i bought it a few months ago in kensington market.
it's the most perfect, cutest vintage summer dress everrrr ♥
i saw it & instantly fell in love. only $25 and i don't think it's ever been worn.
i wore it yesterday day & it seemed to be a huge hit:)

today is going to be a wonderful day!
currently : listening to jack johnson while pete makes us coconut chocolate chip pancakes - OMG WHAT?! how good do those sound? after breaky we are heading to trinity bellwoods for a giant yard sale, and then a lunch date:)
later i am baking cupcakes for one my besties peter, tonight is his 25th birthday party, it's a tank top party, "get tank'd" hehehe, so excited.

hope everyone's saturday is filled with is as much sunshine as mine.
smile, you're alive!


  1. you look so perfectly pretty in this jujubes. i'm jealous of you tan (always!) this dress is so terribly adorable, my goodness and your day today sounds absolutely great!! i wish i was coming out for peter slacks birthday, i'm sure it's going to get messy!! and i miss him, something fierce. you too ;)

  2. the colors of that dress look fabulous on you!!

  3. Aw so cute, Love that dress, and Listening to Jack Johnson as well! Have fun!

  4. Just discovered your blog...I love how shiny and happy it is! I live in Toronto too, and I'm so sad I can't be there for the blogger meet up!

  5. Jules I'm fairly certain you could wear a potato sack and still make it rock! That smile of yours makes you positively glow in each and every picture I see you in - and it's contagious! Thanks for sharing the joy!!!

    Oh yeah, and the dress is cute too! :)

  6. Oh my gosh! I love this dress! The colors and pattern are so cute. And the shape is perfect! Great choice! :)


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