June 1, 2011

may goals wrap up.

all the way may!

hey loves!
so it's june (omg yay!)
& it's time to re-cap on my may goals...
this was a really busy month for me, with getting a new job and everything, so i didn't have time to accomplish all of my goals, but made a solid dent! i had a great month & am happy as can be.
i think in june i will condense my list a bit (haha) i have been coming up with a few too many each month it seems - what can i say? i am a wishful thinker:)

may goals
♥ go to jingles (a little bar by my place) - not yet!
♥ start my own happiness project - didn't have time, must be too happy
♥ read 3 books - i read two! really good ones:)
♥ get photobooth pics taken with pete♥
♥ blow bubbles
♥ make a friendship bracelet
♥ buy a domain for my blog:)
♥ have a "left,right,centre" night! - ugh, i need to make this happen!
♥ finish season 4 of 30 rock - we are so close, & that makes me sad
♥ find the perfect spring jacket (& boots maybe too..:) - i have realized this won't happen as it is SUMMER now & i am going to wait until fall
♥ plan me & pete's 3 year anniversary♥ kinda, but there is still some stuff to be done!
♥ get a friggin' cute plant
♥ do the dishes always...never leave them un washed! (this is amazing so far)
actually start planning the toronto blogger meet up (sorry!!!)

have a great night!
tomorrow i will post my june goals - ooooh:)

PS - toronto blogger gals, see post below ♥


  1. have you read the help? it's a big book but a serious quick read! i highly reccommend it!

  2. jules u really accomplished quite a lot, i think! and with starting a new job too. pat yourself on the back woman.

  3. This is such a good idea! My 'to do' list is very practical and boring. 'Go to post office.' 'Do college assignment'. Ugh. You have inspired the bucket list in me!! :)

  4. What books did you read? :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)