June 2, 2011

welcome june!:)

well hello june!♥
hi my darlin's
who is excited about june?
i know i am - & i have a lot going on this month that i am excited about..
to name a few things
* cupcake order, bff hangs, uncle al hangouts, ribfest & bro's birthday this weekend
* me & pete's 3 year anniverary (OMG!)
going to see GLEE live!!!!!! :):):)
* (free) aretha franklin concert downtown!
* sunshine & summer time in toronto

so much to look forward to, i love that feeling!
& now...
+ launch my domain - www.thelifeofacupcake.com (!!)
+ update my cupcake supplies (i really need new toppings,sprinkles, etc)
+ have a cheap martini night (wednesdays) at "hey lucy"
+ go for a tour of the score (where my brother works!)
+ update my cupcake blog - it reallllly needs it
+ go swimming!
+ get some stuff for days at the park (football, frisbee, soccer ball etc)
+ bring lunch to work more! & think of creative lunch ideas
+ buy more groceries (esp veggies) to avoid buying lunch/dinner
+ always take the stairs (which i have been doing lately..so good!)
+ make a list of things for jules & pete's summer of FUN
(is it weird that on my june list, there is a goal to make a list?)

happy june everyone!
it's going to be a GOOD month, i can feel it!


  1. i love feeling so optimistic at a new month! i just did a whole list of june goals too :-)

  2. Hello! I'm from Philippines! :) I just started blogging about food. Please follow me and I'll follow you too! :) http://eaternalfeast.blogspot.com

  3. I love your monthly goals!
    Happy anniversary, I love when it's my anniversary month with James :) (March). And I am beyond jealous that you get to see Glee live. So lucky! Hope you have a great month and a great start to summer.

  4. wow julie - your june looks AMAZING!!!!

  5. Jules I love the you have written yourself a list of goals for the month (and as a fellow goal/list enthusiast, I think it's completely acceptable to include writing another list in your list)..tee hee. Looks like you're going to be very busy - and it's really exciting to see you're launching your own domain!! Yewwwwww! :)

  6. Your brother works at The Score?! SO COOL!
    I love your June goals. I am horrible for not bringing lunches! :(


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)