July 4, 2011

happy belated canada day!

hey loves,
happy canada day!
i didn't have time to do a post on friday or this weekend so i wanted to make sure i acknowledged this awesome day:) i hope everyone had an amazing long weekend!
i had a blast!
and on the topic of canada, and .... toronto!
i wanted to do another post about the toronto blogger meet up this weekend.
i am just throwing this out there - so don't worry we can still have it BUT ---
do you think we should post pone the meet up to a later date? it just seems like everyone is so busy and we haven't even finalized everything since i haven't been getting too much feed back about the details, and a few people can't come now too. so if you want we can maybe do one on a weekend in september perhaps? i dunno...just throwing it out there. i don't want to change it if a bunch of people have made plans to come to toronto already or booked off any time off or anything like that! i am really looking forward to it either way but think we could probably get more people to come if we had more time/posters/buttons etc.
let me know! this saturday? or a later date?
GO! :)


  1. Happy belated Canada day to you too. It was a nice long weekend. Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. well, you know where i stand on this...i unfortunately have to work so i'd love for it to be postponed...however, we can always have another one later on too!

  3. Ahhhhhh Carly can't come?!?! What a bummer!

    I can come this Saturday, but if there are people who can't make it I don't mind postponing it! I wanna hang out with all of you lovely people! :)

  4. doesn't matter to meeeee. i can come this weekend but I could also probably come another weekend in september too. i am sad carly isn't coming!!!! booooo :(

  5. I think I'm more on the postponed side. Plus it wouldn't be the same without Carly.

  6. bindu - thanks girl! i had a great weekend, hope you did too:)

    carly - you're right we can! i will keep you updated on what is happening, everyone seems to think we should push it back a bit (cause it won't be the same without youuuu)

    holly - i agree! i wanna hangout with everyone together:)

    erin - i knowwww, it IS a bummer. i will keep ya posted!

    jenny - yeah, and i assumed you guys would make the journey into toronto together so it would probably work better if you could both come together eh?

  7. I'd like to come too:) good with later as well!

    Just a suggestion--any thought to creating an event for this on Meetup everywhere which I believe is free to create an event (http://www.meetup.com/everywhere)or another site like that? That could make it easier than tracking things in blog posts, and make it easier to ask people who want to come for ideas/dates and such.

  8. I want to say yes, postpone it
    I just don't know what my weekends will be like come september because teacher's college is quite hectic. if it is early september i think that may work better (for me at least)
    so i'll go ahead and say yes, if it is easier for all! (i'm sure i can make it work)
    summer really is a busy time for everyone

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  10. i have created a facebook group for us to all chat on about the meet up! I only have a few girls on there so far, so if you want to add me to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/angela.anne
    then i will add you in as well!

  11. Awwwwww I'm sad. I guess i'm ok with postponing. I definitely want everyone to be able to come. And ya we can get more organized and put up buttons and stuff. If you do decide to have one this weekend as well I'm still free! ;)

  12. I agree that more time means more time to collect more people and advertise it better. :) Summer is flying by WAY TOO FAST.


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