July 6, 2011

hi friends:)
so based on the responses i have been getting on the toronto blogger meet up. it looks like it is postponed. i was really looking forward to it! - however, i really think that if we have more people, and posters, and plans (PPP!) it will be more fun in the end! i think we all just wanted to pick the soonest date but realized how fast it snuck up on us!
angie has started a facebook group called "toronto bloggers" for us to communicate! it will be awesome & a lot easier. we can pitch all sorts of ideas there, and talk about the new date for the meet up, and do some brainstorming. i will continue to post any major updates on here!
click HERE to add angie to facebook and she can invite you to the group:)
so once again, no blogger meet up this saturday...we are going to find a new date in september, and go all out 110% for it:) - share your thoughts on our facebook group and i will as well, and continue to spread the word on your blogs. the more the merrier!
i think our meet up is going to be LOTS of fun ♥


  1. this is unrelated, but I just saw that you have "make cheesecake" on your to-do list. if you like pumpkin, martha stewart's pumpkin cheesecake is probably the greatest cheesecake of ALL TIME. and so easy to make!

  2. I would really love to go to the blogger meetup, I'll have to keep myself updated so I don't miss itttt!

  3. thanks doll ;)
    I couldn't get a proper link for the group for some reason, probably because I am an admin, but if people also search Toronto Bloggers in facebook, it is most likely easily found!

  4. oh yay! I am so happy it's postponed, now I can go!
    Heading over to facebook now :)

  5. meagan - i NEED to try making that. sounds frigging amazing.

    littledanielle - YES! come. i will keep you posted.

    angie - thanks love! perffffect

    mel - i am glad you can come now too!!


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