July 25, 2011

top 10 summer movies!

hey guys!:) i am alive. don't worry. just the busiest gal ever.
all is well with me, i am having an incredible (& hot!) summer. busy, busy, busy.
i've been doing so many fun things, i feel so behind with not blogging about them.
pete & i went to an incredible wedding on saturday - we had so much fun. cutest wedding ever.
august is going to be a jam packed month:) lot's going on, including my birthday♥
not to mention looking for an apartment, annnnd packing (hmph)
things to look forward to ;; jays game thursday, this weekend:), cabin weekend!, birthday + birthday weekend, work conference, work conference weekend getaway, cottage with pete's friends, + adventures.

i have wanted to post this for a while!
my top 10 favourite summer movies :) ;;

stand by me!
dazed and confused!
now and then!
troop beverly hills!
fast times at ridgemont high!
the sandlot!
cry baby!
the babysitters club!
so many cute/fun movies!:) LOVE!


  1. Oh i just love all those movies now i want to watch them now!


  2. i expected Adventureland to be a really cheesy teen movie but what an awesome film!

  3. EEKS!! These are some of my very favorites! Love! :)

  4. Omg I was just thinking about blogging about my favorite movies! I love all of these movies, especially Troop Beverly Hills & Sandlot! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)