August 31, 2011

four eyes.

i got new specs!♥
i got some new glasses a while ago now but haven't posted photo's of them.
they are so precious! i love them! they have little hearts on the sides! perfect♥

sorry for my lack of blog love.
the big day is thursday! pete & i are moving into our place:)
looking forward to unpacking & settling in, actually...sooo excited!
i promise i will be back into the groove of posting & commenting.

i miss you guys!


  1. where did you get yours?! I just got new ones too.

  2. I love them! You look very posh! <3
    Congrats on the new place

  3. look at those cans!!!

    i mean...glasses...your glasses are cute jujubes ;) ;)

  4. You look good in classes! Totally pull it off.

  5. Happy Moving Day!
    I hope you got lots done in the time before it started pouring!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)