August 1, 2011

(home sweet home)

oh hi august!
july flew by in a flash..
i can't even believe it!
august is going to be an insanely busy month, but there is s much to look forward to:)
pete & i are still looking for a perfect place for us in toronto.
we've looked at a few places but haven't found the right one yet.
we're going to be looking at a lot of them soon, fingers crossed.
i have a lot of packing to do. i want to take photo's of my apartment before i start to pack it all up. i realize i won't be able to decorate it quite the same once pete & i get a place! hehe
i have been seeing so many amazing ideas for decorating.
here are a few that i am totally in love with right now ;;
all photo's from here

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  1. love all the pictures I think I have pinned a few of those myself!

    Happy Monday

  2. I love the Home Sweet Home sign. I've had to save the yellow shelf, i think i might have to do this to my own shelf!

  3. That is some great home inspiration! I love all the colors in them. Espcially love the words over the bed.

  4. I love looking at different ways to decorate my house! It's my favorite.

  5. carrie - i like your style then:) haha pinterest is sooo addictive.

    lauren - me too! i am going through a phase where i am in love with anything maps! i think it will last a long time since i love to travel so much!

    kate - i lovvvve the home sweet home sign too! i am thinking of trying to paint a plain shelf yellow too:) let me know if you do it!

    emily - i love all the colours too, i just love anything with lots of colour!

    diane - me too! i could do it for hours!!:)


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