August 13, 2011

our new place!:)

so, pete & i got a place! we found out last week, and we are so excitedddd:)
it's such an awesome apartment and i am giddy! it's only the third place we saw, so at first we kept saying "should we keep looking?" but the place was way too nice to pass up. third times a charm! eh? we move in september 1st - so there's not much time for me to get packing. WHOA, september 1st, already? this summer has flown by!

my current apartment is a cute explosion! honestly, that is the best way to describe it. and although i will still find ways to make pete & i's place cute - it will be a lot different...but that makes me even more excited. i am going to take photo's of my apartment and post them before i pack it all up, and then of course the new place once it's ready.

our apartment is in a great location, it's in a really new building. it's got en suite laundry (omg i am dying! so happy!), AC, dark hardwood floors & cupboards, nice biiiiiig kitchen with a lotttt of cupboards and counter space (baking cupcakes is going to be amazing in there!) stainless steel appliances, gas stove, dishwasher!, and my favourite part...a balcony! with a beautiful view of the city (ooooh yessss!) i can't wait to drink tea & read out there, and write. included a bbq too - score! pete is so effing happy about that. hehehehe:) oh & best of all - i can walk to work! it will be about a 25-30 minute walk and i am so stoked to be able to walk, not only to save on a metro pass but to get fit!

i am excited to doll up our place and most of all, host! can't wait to have friends over at "our" place!!!:):):) ♥

right now i am across the street at timothy's sipping on an iced chai latte.
today is the first saturday in so long that i haven't had plans.
i am going to relax a bit, pack and clean my place.
go for a nice long walk!
do my workout dvd.
& get ready for my little birthday shindig tonight.

have an amazing weekend,
thanks for reading!


  1. Yeah! I'm so excited to see your new place! I'm also stoked that you have a nice kitchen to make cupcakes in. Enjoy your relaxing Saturday!

  2. jules, cheers to your new living & decoration adventure!

  3. Congratulations! It sounds amazing. x

  4. i saw that in your bbm status! SO happy for you guys and my goodness, does it ever sound amazing!! laundry AND a dishwasher?? i am mega jealous. big time!!

  5. sounds aaaamazing!!!
    what hood are you guys in?!
    i look forward to seeing it :)
    congratulations julie. so much fun ahead!

  6. Hmm, that sounds amazing. I can just imagine the whole place: a big kitchen, a suite laundry and a balcony with nice view - that is a nice place, indeed. Good luck on your decorating adventure. I can just imagine how excited you are.

    Shaunda Devins


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