August 24, 2011

you remind me of someone...

look -a- likesssss!
so, i don't know about you.. but i always have people tell me i look like someone famous. the ones i usually get are actually so flattering so i am quite thankful. these people are clearly crazy (hehe) here are a list of my celeb look-a-likes (or so i've been told)

liv tyler!
as if! this is the one i have got the most in the last little while. she is so frigging beautiful though so i don't know how they see it! i love liv. such a fox!

naomi from the amazing blog the rockstar diaries!
is it weird that this is my most flattering one? at my old work, a sweet girl came up to me and asked if i had heard of the rockstar diaries blog, and i hadn't. but she said i looked like her - with all my cute outfits, smile and red lips. she said she sees me in the neighbourhood and always wanted to tell me that. once i checked out the blog (which i am now i love with) i was so shocked that girl thought i looked like her. naomi is drop dead gorgeous!
miss frizzle!
i really like holidays and special events and a few people in my day have told me i am like miss frizzle, which to me amazzzzing! i love her! she's so fun!:)
care failure of the band die mannequin!
a few people have told me i resemble her. but a little less.....crazy! hahaha, i hope anyway. in some photo's i can definitely see the resemblance, and in others i'm like whoa not at all!
kat von d!
kat von d is a classic one i get from time to time. especially when i have my dark hair. and the red lips, round face, curvy body...i can kiiiinda see it. i was her for halloween a few years ago and won best costume! i think i rocked it pretty well:)
katy perry!
i have been told a bunch of times i resemble her, although i don't think we really look alike, more style wise. like we both really love cute sparkly things like candy & cupcakes & lollipops. love her!


  1. You really look like Naomi from the Rockstar Diaries~!~

  2. I've been told I look like Zooey Dechannel and Katy Perry. I suppose those two look alike as is! both incrediably flattering to look like! I think I'm the same as you with looking like Katy Perry, I have similar style. I love her 50's cute, sparkly and fruity style.
    Partly what my most recent blog post is about :D

  3. This is such a cute idea for a post. Love it!

  4. Cute post!
    And I was just thinking that you reminded me of Naomi from Rockstar Diaries! You're both gorgeous
    Cheray x


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