September 9, 2011

AWESOME job! for pals from all over canada!

Hi Loves!

Just wanted to post this to any of my canadian pals in the blog world♥

(it's just to amazing to not post!)

The company i work for S-Trip! (student trip) is currently looking for DESTINATION STAFF for the 2012 trips! this is ideal for anyone who is still studying, only has a part time job, or works as a temp etc. you get paid to travel! and have an amazing time travelling/working with students!

check out the website -

We are looking for people who are ;;
- Between the ages of 21 - 27 - Energetic, outgoing, and fun
- Mature and responsible
- Hard working
- Have travel experience
- Have experience as Camp Counsellors, Tour Guides, Life Guards, or Teachers (assets)

when it asks where you heard about us - be sure to put "julie ross!"


if you want more information, comment with your email & i will send you more info!:)

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  1. PHooey! I totally would, but I'm 28! Am I truly and officially too old?
    If not:
    melaniegodecki at


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)