September 27, 2011

fall fashion! day 3!

happy tuesday!
fall fashion day number 3:)
i love purple & orange.
also, you can see my ombre-esque hair in these photo's. i have been slowly working on getting the ombre look going, it's so fun!

dress; h&m (sooo old!)
necklace ; a jewelry boutique on queen west
belt; forever 21
flower; h&m
ring; h&m

is anyone else doing fall fashion week?
let me know!♥


  1. your hair looks great! looks like you chopped some of the length off as well? i dig it :)

    enjoyed our chat today! we should skype sometime soon!!

    i didn't know about fall fashion week until i saw it on here, otherwise i totally would have!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)