September 22, 2011

happy 1 year C & D!

september 18th was my bff's one year wedding anniversary!
carly & derek are highschool sweethearts, and had the most perfect wedding. i've known carly since grade one, and we've grown up in the same circle of friends through elementary and high school, and becoming even closer after that. she's one of the most amazing, kind, caring people i know - so when she asked me to be her maid of honour, i was beyond thrilled!
it's such an amazing title to have, and i am so lucky i've got to be one a few times, as well as a bridesmaid too. carly & derek are just perfect together! i've known derek since grade 9 and i've always known he is more than right for carly.
i loved being a part of their special day and am so grateful they asked me to be in their wedding. everything about the day was perfect! we had so much fun, made so many memories and had an unforgettable time.
i was also lucky enough to make the cupcakes for their big day:)
i think they turned out pretty sweet!
happy (belated) anniversary to my bffsssss.
below are some of my favourite photo's from the day (there were so many to choose from!)


  1. beautiful photos! i like the shade of blue green of those dresses, too. i wish i could eat one of those cupcakes right now, (sigh).

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing!! :)


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