September 6, 2011

happy tuesday everyone!:)
today was such a long day at work. always is after a nice long weekend.
i did pretty much nothing all night today. just had a really lazy night, relaxing & such.
i already feel guilty! i am just so exhausted after the past few weeks, i needed a night like tonight. so now i am in bed, blogging.. with a tea! and i am about to finish the help!
i know that everyone is reading it now, but it really is that good! i love it so much, i don't want it to end. hmph! i need to get another book now. any suggestions?
okay, time to get my geek on!
& just because i love him. my&bubs;;

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  1. You guys are so cute!
    I just finished reading One Day - it was really good, and one of those books that I don't think can be successful as a movie, so read first.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)