September 13, 2011


i recently read elsie's blog post about staying inspired and it really made me think!
i loved her post, and it made be realize how much i love being creative, making things, doing crafts etc. (especially making things/gifts for people)
you should definitely check it out if you need a little "pick-me-up!"

also - my bf's brother (who is SO awesome!) showed me this website, that he said if i made software, i would of made this years ago (heeheehee!)

give a smile // get a smile!
click here! to visit 2 of us - you take a photo of you with a nice big SMILE:) & then you get a smile from a stranger! it's just so simple, and sweet. i did it this morning and it made me so happy. i think i will have to do it atleasssst a few more times!

below is my smile i posted:) ;;
i am feeling a bit under the weather tonight.
so my night = my boy, snuggles, popcorn & our newest obsession true blood!

how was your tuesday?

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  1. oh True Blood is so good i hope you feel better in the morning


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)