September 5, 2011

september goals/pumpkin spice/autumn!

oh hello there!
how was your long weekend? wonderful i hope.
we have had a busy couple days, with the move... & unpacking and running around...
but things are coming together! i can't believe how great our place looks already!
it's too good to be true. our place is perfect!
we've done a lot of unpacking and setting things up. this is the fun part :)
today is labour day & i am so glad to have the day off. i am currently sitting in starbucks right by st.lawrence market, having my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!♥ - they aren't technically out yet, but they made be one because they're sweet. it's so nice and cool out, totally feels like autumn & i LOVE it. oh and it's september (yay!) it's time for my monthly goals! here they are ;;

september goals

+ have everything unpacked & settled:)
+ make a scrapbook for my favourite uncle
+ lose 3-5 pounds.
+ actually spend time on working on my happiness project!
+ get a bunch of awesome photo's developed!
+ take part in some TIFF festivities
+ watch atleast 3 movies from pete's movie collection
+ take a bath once a week in my new amazinggg tub♥
+ host some friends over to the new place & make something delicious
+ put together some sort of flower/plant arrangement on our balcony
+ get some pen pals up & going again.
+ go for walks in our neighbourhood with pete to explore it!
+ start a cupcake portfolio
+ start my blog features again - 'tis the season for blogging!

august goal wrap up - - -
* successfully take part in boot camp & my own little work out routine
* work on my happiness project:) - get it started!
* set up my blog features// some fun new things for my blog!
* pack up apartment & de-clutter
* do a photo shoot of my apartment
* get some sweet stuff for our place/ find a place!
* clean out my closet - fill at least one bag for good will
* make a mini cuba scrapbook of pete & i's trip


  1. this was such a happy post! i love it.
    i might have to take a cue from you and try to make some monthly goals! xo

  2. aw, thanks kaelah!!:) i've got so much to be happy about!<3 hehe

    yesss, you should! it's so fun, and rewarding!

  3. I'm looking for more pen pals. Let me know if you want write.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)