October 1, 2011

BUSY busy busy.

hi hi! happy weekend!

the cupcake order went great! i am really happy with how they turned out

i am going to do a post about them next week, with photo's too!:)

i was baking until pretty late last night and then woke up at 8am to get bakin' again! once i got home around 4pm i just snuggled on the couch with my leafs blanket and watched sitcoms. man, i loooove sitcoms. i watched some roseanne, full house, golden girls, friends and two guys, a girl and a pizza place! i can't remember the last time i just lounged and did nothing and boy did it feel great. hehe:)

tomorrow i am going to clean out my old room, hangout with my bff and then my mom && on monday pete and i are going shopping in buffalo! we are both off work next week (omg, yay!) and it's always fun to go to the states to shop, it will be a fun mini getaway for us since we wanna save for a big trip in the spring maybe:)

i am so excited! i am going to use the money i made on my cupcake order to buy myself some goodies in buffalo. i really want a new pair of boots! we are leaving monday morning, stopping at the outlet mall, & then shopping at target and the walden galleria.

i am SO excited for target. omg, i lovelovelove that place!!!

looking forward to a dinner date && then staying in a hotel

i am so exhausted.

gonna continue to relax, watch the leafs

&& then watch the notebook.

i have been craving this movie for a while now &hearts

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  1. Busy busy!!!! 2 guys a girl and a pizza place? I haven't even THOUGHT about that in ages!!! Now I'm TOTALLY smiling. :D Sounds like you had some great relaxing time - glad to hear it.

    Can't wait to see your cupcakes!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)