October 9, 2011

i'm in love with everythinggg.

what an amazing & busy week.
more details later!
also, i am going to do my thanksgiving post tomorrow ♥

before i do my sunday blog feature "i'm in love with everything"
i wanted to brag about my first celebrity tweet!:) hahaha. jay baruchel is so cute! he's in knocked up, undeclared!, she's out of my league. i posted about him just a few months ago! he just got twitter and i was loving all of his tweets, so i tweeted to him "i am so glad you finally got twitter" and he wrote back "i too am glad!" i know it's not that exciting, butttt it kinda is. lolz.


loving carey mulligan on the cover of elle & just her in general;

love this idea! floating candles in mason jars:) ;;

this is the hair i want! (s0 bad)
style / colour / length ;;
30 rock is the funniest show ever ;;
i love this photo. i want her shoes. perfect shoes on both<3


  1. Haha that's so cool! I'm in love with him, he's the cutest!

  2. My auntie tried to give me those v. westwood shoes when she was clearing out her closet but they were two sizes too big for me :( If you're a size uk 8 I could get you those shoes which are pretty much brand new! haha

  3. AW! & he's canadian...he's a totally babe. as if you forgot to mention popular mechanics for kids ;) hehe.

    ps: that hair is GREAT!! i want it too. it makes me want to lighten my hair. i thought about the ombre for a long time but i feel like it make me feel like i just have long roots and i know how anal i am about my roots, hehe.

    ps: shoes, great! vivian westwoods...my old boss shelby who owns SOS has some and they are fantastic!!!!

  4. I Love Melissa Shoe lady Dragon Heart!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)