October 5, 2011


oooh baby, i love me some october!
such a great month!
*hockey starts! thanksgiving! halloween!*
&& so much more!

every month is really busy for me, but this month especially. we had so much fun in buffalo, but i will do a post all about it later this week! for now, some october goals♥
september was a good month, got most of my goals accomplished.
october goalskies
- write a letter to all of my pen pals
- do my very first vlog
- make some yummy delicious fall drinks
- do a post all about baby ivy's room!♥
- take photo's of place & post em' (esp. once decorated for our parties/shindigs)
- host a lil' housewarming party
- take some pretty fall photo's! & do a photo post on here
- start writing my book // putting things together for it
- more autumn walks:)
- take photo's of my grandpa&grandma for their 63rd wedding anniversary
- surprise at least one friend with something in the mail.
- make a delicious dessert for thanksgiving
- pack healthy & innovative lunches for work


  1. sounds like some great goals! I just love October :)

  2. Looks like you're going to have a really fun October! I still can't believe it's already October... crazy!


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