November 10, 2011

7 days of happy - day 2:)

7 days of happy - day 2!:)

I have touched on this one a lot on my blog but it's a huge part of my life! I love Christmas. I know (pretty much) everyone loves it too, but I am known for my elf-ism. I have been like this for sooooo long. Christmas time literally lights of my life! It makes me so giggly and happy.

Every year when Christmas comes close, I feel like a kid again. I look forward to so many things come Christmas time like ; the decorations & music!, sending christmas cards, receiving christmas cards, making christmas crafts, watching christmas movies, doing so much friggin christmas baking, work christmas party, holiday drinks!, spending time with my boy and my fam!!, having parties and get togethers, christmas shopping, spoiling people, seeing everyone in a jolly and positive mood.

Christmas is the happiest of times for me. I have so many amazing memories of the time of year and I love making new ones every year. I love looking forward to so many things and to having wonderful traditions with people I love.

I am sure many of you will agree that Christmas definitely makes you happy :)♥

&&& I am SO glad it's here again! (almost...hehe)


  1. Love the picture!! This makes me even more excited for Christmas !!!! Xx

  2. I absolutely love Christmas too. And also become like a child again when it's Christmas time. I'm obsessed. It is just such a magical time of the year.
    I don't get many Christmas cards though which makes me sad. But then again I don't send many myself :P


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