November 13, 2011

7 days of happy - day 5:)

7 days of happy - day 5!

I looooooove hosting parties, gatherings, showers or any kind of shindig! I have been a hostess many times, and I absolutely love it. I like having theme parties, and getting creative with decorations, colours and goodies & snacks.

I love parties so much. I love getting to spend time with friends & family and spoil them with fun times! I would love to plan parties for a living some day. That would be simply devine.

Christmas parties are obviously my favourite. I have one every year! I can't wait until this years. Every year I have a different theme, new decor, new treats & goodies and favours.

SO FUN! I love party planning:) - it makes me HAPPY!



  1. I hope sometime I can attend a Julie party. You really seem like the best hostess!

  2. I bet you throw the cutest parties! Hope you share some photos here!
    Loving your new look!

  3. Jenny, I hope so too! That would be so amazing! You're sweet.

    Amylou, Aw thanks love! I will for sure, & Thanks! It's so fun!


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