November 22, 2011!

happy tuesday everyone!:)
so over the last week or so i have started getting my christmas decorating on! && i had a bit of a christmas disaster (sigh) - while taking my decorations out of my giant red and green bin i realized that a big snow globe of mine exploded all over all of my stuff! ahhhh, so sad. luckily, nothing of great value got ruined. however, i did have to throw out a big garbage bag filled with christmas stuff (so emotional! lolz)
last year my teeny tiny apartment was like a gingerbread house - so christmasy!
but this year while putting up my christmas decorations, there simply aren't enough (even pete said so!) so this week/weekend i am on a mission to find more decorations for our place:)
we are getting a real tree too, just a cute little one. i am so excited.
i will be sure to post photo's of our christmasy apartment ♥
[ but for now, here is my old apartment last year! ]


  1. Ah, I'm sorry about your snow globe :( That sucks.
    Good luck with the decorating!
    Your old apartment looks amazing :D So I'm sure your current one will look even better!
    P.S - Thanks for following my blog :)

  2. Oh that's a bummer!! :(
    Your place last year looked so adorable, can't wait to see what you do this yr!

  3. I adore what your apartment looked like last year, so cosy and Christmasy!! Cannot wait to get fairy light happy with my room :D xxx

  4. cute!! we just decorated yesterday :) its so exciting and cheery!!

  5. i love it!!
    we have zero decorations this year and have been getting a few here and there, but it might be a few years worth of shopping until we get to your level ;)
    Are you a red and green christmas person thru and thru? I lean towards teal for some reason, love the icy look, even though I hate the cold weather ;)
    Love going to the Bay and walking through all the colour themes!


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