December 1, 2011

DECEMBER! // christmas goals!

happy december my loves ♥
oh finally it's here, the most amazing month....december!
i love LOVE love christmas (as you should all know by now!) & i am so glad everyone will be in full out christmasy mode now!
i plan on doing lots of fun christmas posts for the next few weeks - i am already sad just thinking about when christmas is all over again.

i did well with my november goals;;
+ start my happiness project!
+ launch my new blog makeover & fun things to come:)
+ update my cupcake fan page on facebook&blog
+ spend more time to read this month!
+ start my christmas shopping:)
+ write a post to hello giggles ♥
+ write a letter to paul mccartney
+ think of creative homemade gifts/crafts for christmas!
+ do some research on DSLR'S (asking for one for christmas)

there are so many fun things going on this month like ;; christmas tree lighting this weekend, sending christmas cards, my annual christmas party, + like 5 more christmas parties, ice skating, gift giving, love!

this month i am doing my christmasy to-do list! (from now 'till christmas!)
- send out christmas friends to lots of friends & family
- host some friends for drinks & goodies at our apartment
- watch every single one of my christmas movies (i have about 19 i believe) lolz.
- do a christmas post of our apartment decorated :)
- make at least 3 homemade gifts for friends/family
- upload all my christmas music on to my computer
- do a blog post all about my favourite christmas songs (!!!)
- do A LOT of holiday baking & make a list of christmas goodies to make
- make favours for my christmas party!
- go skating downtown :)
- have a christmasy photo shoot (& hopefully with pete)
- decorate the tree at my moms
- think of some creative ways to wrap & give pete's gifts
- take photo's of every christmas event/party i go to!
- perhaps do a "12 days of christmas" segment on here
- bring it lots of treats & goodies for my co-workers
- have some cosy nights in snuggled with pete
- meet an old friend for a hot christmas beverage

ok this is all i have right now(omg, i know)
happy december!


  1. your to do lists are always so cute. i have one for you to add:

    - spend time with carly

    we NEED to! how long will you be in pickering for? i will be there from the 23-28th i believe, we could even hang there...or i could always come visit you in toronto :)

  2. omg babygirl, i agree! i am adding that to the list!! :)

    YES we do! i will be in pickering for a few days, i thiiiiink dec 24th-27th, but i will let you know for sure. we can either hang in ptown, or you can come downtown one dayyyy! we will find a plan, we HAVE to!


  3. your list is jam packed with fun!
    I really want to go skating this year too - I haven't since I was about 12.
    And have you heard the She & Him Christmas album yet? It's nice :)
    Oh, and if you want our photoshoot to be Christmas themed and with Pete, that's totally an option too :)
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. MELLLL:) - yes skating is so fun! there are so many good outdoor rinks in toronto! yes i loooove the she&him christmas album!

    awwww i would love that! we gotta find a day we can doooo! we're both so busy! hehe


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