January 31, 2012

all you need is... LOVE!

(these are little heart chocolates that i drew smiles on & left at my co-workers desks!)
i am so excited about the next two weeks (all of february really!)
i know not everyone loves valentines day, but i love anything to do with LOVE & hearts so it's one of my favourite times of the year.
it's about all kinds of LOVE!
so from february 1st-14th i have a little blog feature i am going to do:) ;;
for 14 days i am going to leave little notes, messages and symbols of love around the city / to people i love / co-workers etc! i will do at least one each day & post the photo!
can't wait to spread messages of love!


  1. So nice to see this!! I love Valentine's Day too, and people don't always see the fun in it. This is so great!

  2. oh all that stuff you have planned for february is like you spreading love & sunshine. will you take photos so we can see please?

  3. You seem like the best co-worker ever!! :)

  4. I love your consistently positive message! I too love February and have lots of love planned for month. Best wishes to you on your ventures :)

  5. i LOVE this <3
    If I had a little smiley face chocolate left on my desk it would definitely make me smile.
    can't wait to see more! good luck!

  6. Aw! I love this idea! Have you heard of Operation Beautiful? It's a similar idea - leaving notes around with encouraging things written on them. You should look it up, it's pretty awesome. (http://operationbeautiful.com)


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