January 13, 2012

i still love books!

i love books!
guys, i am kinda freaking out.
it's 2012 - the times are changin', technology has taken over the world, and in most cases it is awesome & i am stoked on it.
but when it comes to books, i am not ready to say goodbye.
i love books. i love to read. i love a real book ; relaxing and getting in to a great story, recommending one to your friends, the smell of an old book from the library, a written message inside a book if it was a gift, the look of piles of books stacked together.
now with kobo's & kindles and all sorts of e-readers, i hope and pray that people don't forget about a good old fashioned book. let's keep books alive! reading is sexy! :)

oh &&& please check out this incredible video from a book store in toronto!
*so magical. i think i might have to go there this weekend!


  1. I know how you feel. I do love the feel of an actual book. But, with me being on the go a lot it does help to have a Kindle to throw in my purse. It's nice to be able to get a book any time I want, too. ;-) I will never give up completely on regular books though. There's just something about going to the bookstore and picking out a book.

  2. I've been feeling the exact same way! I think e-readers are fabulous if you're going on vacation and don't want to pack 10 heavy books with you, but in the end a good paper-made book will never lose its charm for me. It's really too bad to think they might be replaced :(


  3. i'm with you jujubes, i will never get one of those electronic readers, they are just plain silly!

  4. I say exactly the same thing. I love holding books and cuddling up with them in bed or on the couch.

  5. I am so glad. I am not still the only person that enjoys the satisfaction of completing a printed book. That satisfying smack as you finish the book and hear the covers close against each other.
    I used to read all the time, and now bookstores are going out of business!!! It's awful, Libraries are closing down, or even worse, minimizing the collection of books that they carry!!! Let the written word LIVE!

    Cute blog by the way! Keep up the good work!

  6. I'm in agreeance with you 100%. Especially since my lifelong dream has been to open a bookstore. I won't let that dream die! And I hope that others will continue to enjoy books enough to go to bookstores. haha!

  7. I just recently got a Kindle and it truly was a really big hurdle for me. I am in love with books, the smell, feel, everything about them! As great as it is to have a Kindle to transport a bunch of books on a slender device, there is absolutely no way that I could or would ever get rid of my actual books. With that being said, when it comes to my favourite authors I will forever purchase the actual copy.

    & that video is absolutely adorable!


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