February 7, 2012

coming soon : "the beatles make everything better"

well, if you know me or read my blog it's no secret that my true love in life is....the beatles!
i am head over heels, scream your heart out, i love you forever in love with the fab 4.
ever since i was a young gal i have adored the beatles!
i am going to do a VLOG all about my love for them & how they've changed my life.
i am so excited to do it! i will post it in the next week or so:)
pete and i are planning a trip to europe this summer!
i am giddy just thinking about visiting london and seeing so many beatles monuments!

today was another sunny day in toronto - love it
i took this photo when i was sitting at david's tea today at lunch ; movie night tea was a dream

&& day 7 of showing love in toronto -


  1. Oh I am so jealous you are going to London & get to see some Beatles monuments!! :)

  2. Trip planning = awesome. And Im envious!
    You guys will have such a great time!

  3. I LOVE The Beatles and reading your blog puts a huge smile on my face <3

  4. they have been my #1 favorite band since 9th grade. have a wonderful time, & julie, please take lots of photos to share with us later. :)


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