February 9, 2012

cupcake wednesday! (on a thursday)

hello wonderfuls! (i like making up my own nicknames for you guys!)
i am feeling good! i had my root canal today & i'm slowly getting back to myself.
i think by tomorrow i will be feeling GREAT :)
this weekend ;;
toy story cupcake order! (so excited to make these)
hangouts at home in p-town with the fam & pete
hockey day in canada!
my grandpa's 90th birthday party on sunday! i am planning it & can't wait!

today is cupcake wednesday (on a thursday)
at the end of november i did wedding cupcakes for an old friend of my brothers.
they got married at an amazing old restored movie theatre downtown - perfect place!
i am still extremely modest when it comes to my cupcakes. i can't believe people want to order them off me, it makes me a bit giddy inside!
so when greg asked me to do his wedding cupcakes i was so honoured:)
this was also my first fondant experience
check em out ♥ ;;


  1. oh my goodness these look delicious!!!

  2. Nom nom nom! I want one they look soooo good!

  3. ahhhhh so so pretty! Love the little tux + wedding dress ones!


  4. I should read your blog after I eat breakfast. lol.
    Glad to hear that your root canal went well! Hopefully we'll still have gorgeous sunshine for your busy weekend! Say Happy Birthday to your grandpa for me ;)

  5. Seriously Jules, you are TALENTED!!! They're soooo pretty! Hope your mouth is feeling better! Eek! Root canals!

  6. GIRL! How cute are you!?! And super-duper talented and awesome, too!? EEEP! I'm pretty sure we should be bloggy friends. Like, immediately. ;)

    So happy I stumbled across your blog...and can't wait to follow along and read more! Keep up the CUTE cupcake making! and the blogging, too. :D Happy Weekend! xoxo

  7. Oh my gosh, your cupcakes look amazing! X

  8. Wow crazy beautiful cupcakes! No wonder your getting orders you've come some serious talent girl!!
    I want a cup cake now!

  9. oh julie, those cupcakes are utterly delightful! i'm sure everyone loved them, & they tasted divine too. :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)