February 23, 2012


get crafty!
happy thursday ya'll!
today i am doing my first ever little D.I.Y
it's incredibly simple but so cute.
it's a birthday box!:)
a little box to keep organized & remember everyones birthday's
(i know, i know...we can use a calender, but this is way more fun)

what you'll need ;;
- a mini plastic box (or wooden or paper)
- Q cards
- coloured paper
- markers
- stickers
- glue stick // glue gun
- buttons


first i went through some of my cute little buttons & beads to see what i could come up with to spice the box up a little. i glued the little buttons on the front first with my glue gun. (how cute are those hearts?) i made a card for each month and then made a personal card for each persons birthday. you can add the year, name, stickers, photo's etc.
it's a really fun, easy and cheap to do. i think it would make a really sweet gift too.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)