February 29, 2012

.home sweet home.

so, i must boast a little bit...
i love our apartment! pete and i moved in together in september and i instantly fell in love with our place. it was only the third place we even looked at and it was love at first sight.
it's not a huge place by any means, but it's perfect for us!
we both walk to work (which is simply wonderful) and we are steps away from st.lawrence market, the eaton centre and queen west.
i think we've done a great job decorating our place and making it our own! i've posted a few photo's in the past but here are a few more...
jules & pete's apartment of fun! l;;

i love seeing other people's places so i thought i'd share some of ours!


  1. CUTE! I love the world map shower curtain, that's super awesome!


  2. It looks so cozy and perfectly *yours*. I adore spaces that reflect the people who live in them as opposed to super sterile environments. I love all of the colors. :)

  3. Looks super cozy Julie! I love the view of the city from your balcony (obvs not shown here, but from other pics you've shared!). I cant believe Matty and I haven't been able to see it yet! Life is so busy.

  4. such a cute apartment! And it sounds like a sweet location too.

  5. So sweet!
    I love the shower curtain and the mini bar. It looks like ours a little - scotch for steve and vodka for me.
    I should clean my apartment and do a little tour too.

  6. Everything is so cute & adorable, EXCEPT the Toronto maple leaf thing on the fridge... bahaha! ;)


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