February 29, 2012

so long february!

february was pretty good to me!
there were some ups & downs but mostly ups so that's all that matters:)
i am looking forward to march, we are one step closer to SUMMER ♥
we've got some exciting & fun things to look forward to this month.
tomorrow i will post my march goals.
(i've got some fun blog posts planned too!)
also, it's not too late to sponsor the life of a cupcake in march (!!!)
all you have to do is host a giveaway on my blog & send me a blog button
- i will be doing a sponsor feature for each of you -

here are some photo's from february ---
wedding outfit love;
the bride & groom!;
DSLR adventures in toronto!;
delicious & healthy dinners with my man;
scrunchy faces;
bffs, smiles, love starbucks, blog book;
our BEAUTIFUL table at the wedding. swoon!;
hosting parties!;
cute toy store & sunny's;
sunday night tea & lists;
bf/gf smiles;
little jules//big jules;
dark & stormy's - love bermuda! - ;
toy story cupcake order;
bring on march!


  1. aww little jules big jules! what a fun month you had.

  2. Toronto seems like such a fun city! I'd love to visit there one day :) toy story cupcakes! :O <3

  3. Looks like a great month!! Lots of YUMMY food! Mmm sweet potatoes! ;)

  4. oh i know i tell you this all the time but you are one of the most beautiful people i know...


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