March 23, 2012

friday smiles!

i'm in the best mood right now!
happy friday ya'll. so gladddd it's the weekend:)
today was a good day in every way.
after work i went for a little walk && picked up some total cuties at homesense (i love homesense) i got a new blog organizer, some blank note cards (for my thank you cards for cupcake orders) and a pack of 3 notebooks that are absolutely adorable.
nothing makes me happier than some new super cute stationary.
after this it is time to do some lists/doodles, while i watch some season 2 of friends!

today elizabeth from please note emailed me to say that i won her giveaway! she's such a sweetheart and i was so excited to hear the news.
the giveaway was from the lovely & talented erin from eef etcetera - she's going to do a little face lift on my cupcakes made with love blog which i am pee-your-pants excited about! she has so many amazing ideas & she's so fun. check her stuff out here

speaking of giveaways!
don't forget to enter to win a beautiful necklace - here!
the winner of my giveaway of the "cutest stuff ever" is katia! from kitty snooks!
send me an email so i can get your address & such:)
hugs&kisses to you all


  1. Cute goodies! What a good haul, I love stationary it always cheers me up. Hope that you have a lovely weekend! :) x

    1. yesss:) i agree! it's so fun to get inspired to write sweet letters & notes on something so pretty

  2. I got distracted by your cupcake blog linked halfway through this post that I almost didn't read to the end of your post! SO EXCITING :)
    I'll be sending you an email shortly :)

    Great home sense finds! I always find the kitschiest most amazing things at home sense, once I found glittery polar bear shaped tea-light candles!


    1. lolz. you're so cute!!!

      yesss, i got your email doll. i will be sending you your package verrry soon!!!

      & YES to home sense. it completes me. hehe:)

  3. Of course you send thank you notes to your cupcake orders hehe You are the cutest and OMG we get to spend next weekend together!!! I am so freaking excited!! I'm going to look up bus times for Saturday right meow...

    Okay there is a 10:30 AM bus that gets me in to the Bay St. terminal for 12:15 PM...does that work for you? Also, where abouts on Queen are you guys? I was thinking I would walk to your place, drop off my stuff as I'll have my overnight bag with me, then we can go shop and stuff!

    1. hahaha, of course i do carly! every time :) yoooou are the cutest and i am so frigging excited to see your cute face.

      4 more sleeeeepsssssss

  4. Oooh I totally want some of those notebooks! SO adorable!! :)

    That's awesome that you won that giveaway! Can't wait to see what she does to your other blog!

    1. holly, they were only $6 for 3!!!

      yesss, i am SO excited. it needs a makeover so bad!:)


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