March 25, 2012

i'm in love with everything sunday!:)

here are a few little things i am in love with today!

so, my blog girlfriend amber totally warmed my heart tonight as she often does! she's actually the cutest, sweetest girl ever and i just want to hangout with her already!! if you don't know this cutie, then get on it! & please read her inspiring post "be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle"
the lovely & darling kate from wake up, lovely did a simply wonderful post on how to make goals achievable - you should read it here! she is totally awesome.
i always love seeing what elycia & kaylah come up with when they're together! so friggin' adorable and the cutest outfits of all time.
oh my! kaelah bee posted the most delicious sounding recipe ever. chocolate chip cookie dough pie! i need to try to make this for pete because this would be his dream:)
i am so giddy with excitement because my girl carly is coming to visit this weekend! we're going to have so much funnnnn! going shopping, gossiping, giggling and gotye-ing.
meredith from one sheepish girl always does the cutest job displaying her weekend plans! i honestly love it. she's so creative & colourful


  1. Awwhh, you just paired me pretty much all of my favourite bloggers! Thanks so much for the mention, lovely <3

    1. yay! you're all so awesome!:)
      thanks for being great

  2. aw julie! thanks!
    Also, I need some cookie dough pie immediately!!

  3. Aw thank you so much Jules! I'm honored to be included in this list of lovely ladies!

    Happy Monday to you!

  4. Youre so sweet, love!! I just love you to pieces!!! <3 <3
    Cutest pen pal in the world!

    1. yoooou are so sweet amber. i love YOU to pieces :):):) eeee! penpals4L<3<3<3


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