March 29, 2012

IVY && your new favourite etsy shop

hello all of you wonderful people.
HAPPY THURSDAY (we're almost there!)
i just wanted to post about my sistah-in-laws blog && new etsy shop!:)
as you all know, i recently became an aunty to the beautiful baby girl ivy! lindsey is my brother joe's wife and the coolest sister(in-law) ever. check out her blog LAZER BABY and read all about her adventures with ivy and being a mom - so much cuteness.
linds also just started a vintage baby & toddler etsy shop! ♥ there are so many ridiculously amazing items on there, so if you know anyone with a cute baby gal or anyone expecting one...then head on over to LAZER BABY VINTAGE to buy something cute!
&& the best part - check out this model! hehehe, oh ivy. i love you so!
and just because...
here are some new photo's of ivy!♥ from our ross family sleepover last weekend!;;

ps - check out my VLOG below
& lauren's giveaway a few posts down!:)


  1. so sweet, so precious, such treasure.

  2. Oh man she's just the cutest cutie pie!! And what a lucky gal to have a vintage-shopping mom ;)


  3. is that a vest with tassels??!! i want to dieeee awwwwwwwwww

    1. pretty sure it's from H&M - i remember it from when i worked there, SO cute!

  4. she is so stinkin cuuuuuuute!! omg.

    also, i LOVE the name of it. pretty sure i talk about my love for the word 'lazer' in my vlog post haha. i do have some friends having babies so i will definitely bookmark her site and i remember checking out her blog previously but i'm going to follow her :) she's such a babe and god, what a CUTIE!!

  5. HEY SIS! thanks for the post! xoxoxoxo!!!


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