March 25, 2012

Sunday Night Giveaway!

Happy Sunday!
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

First off, the winner of the beautiful Daphne Necklace from Pink Guayabas is Hailey from Lizzy & Jane's You are one lucky girl, that necklace is so gorgeous!
Congrats Girly! Can you email me your address when you get a chance?

Now, tonight you can win this!;
an awesome beatles tee, "how to be a woman", mini eggs! (mmm!) & this sweet bracelet.
all you have to do to enter is...
+ be a follower of my blog && Lauren's blog!
& leave a comment with your name and your blog address:)
and for an extra entry you can tweet about this giveaway!
Hi everyone! I'm Lauren and I live in Perth, which is slap-bang in the middle of Scotland.
I'm 23 and about to finish my diploma in journalism, provided I pass all my exams!
The blog is just a big mish-mash! It's getting more fashion-y as I get towards leaving college because that's the path I'm hoping to go down but you'll find everything on there. This week, it was some clothes, some shoes, a tour of Perth and a Billy Connolly clip!
There's also a bit of travel in there every so often. Last year I went to London, Belfast and twice to Paris.
If anyone would like to join me in my unsteady beginnings of trying to be a journalist, you are more than welcome.
Enjoy the giveaway!


  1. Awesome giveaway! I already follow you both :-)

  2. Love all these things! :)Long time follower, just shy on saying hello!

  3. This giveaway is awesome! Love it! Oh and I'm a follower of your and Lauren's blog. :)

    Here's my blog address:

    Have a lovely day! xx

  4. Oooh enter me please xx

  5. Lauren is the loveliest person in the world, i love her.
    Ps. I want this Beatles top.

  6. Ooo looks like another good one! I'm following both you two!

  7. I've heard only good things about that book! I follow you both, great giveaway :)


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