April 15, 2012

27 things to do before i turn 28!

K, first of all - as if I'm turning 28! I still feel like I'm about 23 so it's so weird to say I am turning 28 this August. For the past 3 years I've come up with a fun little to-do list before my birthday. I usually give myself about 4 months, and tomorrow will be 4 months exactly until my birthday. Some things are things I've wanted to do for a while and some are small & silly, but they are all things that will make me smile and I am super excited about! Wish me luck. I really hope I can get through them all!

27 things to do before i turn 28

1. write paul mccartney a letter (!!!)
2. make cake pops
3. go watch the toronto roller derby
4. host our big group of friends at the cabin for a weekend
5. get a new tattoo
6. go to the rex
7. plan/book our europe trip :)
8. rent bixi bikes
9. go to cherry beach
10. host a themed party!
11. try 5 new toronto cafes/restaurants
12. make peach sangria
13. make it to 600 followers on my blog
14. lose 10 pounds
15. make 3 handmade gifts
16. send a package to my uncle al in thailand
17. make a scrapbook ((travels // thailand ))
18. bake cupcakes with a creme filling
19. release a teaser from my book about my dad ♥
20. do at least 3 more "cute toronto" blog posts
21. write a "hello giggles" post
22. learn how to say "cheers" in 10 different languages
23. go visit chantal & steve for a weekend
24. go to at least 5 blue jays games - learn more about baseball/the jays
25. create an ADVENTURE BOOK for pete & i ♥
26. go to the toronto zoo!
27. create my own signature martini, mmm!


  1. cherry beach <3 one of my favourite spots in toronto!!!
    Looks like a great list :D Best of luck!!!!


    1. awww yay, i haven't been yet but i can't wait to go.

      thanks hun!

  2. I turn 27 next Sunday :-/ yikes lol
    Good luck with your list! :)

  3. Woop! These will make for a fantastic spring/summer.
    Matty and I just went to Cherry beach this past weekend, its great! (for us with the big off leash section it was wonderful, we are going to make it a regular visit)
    Good luck with the list!

    1. yeeee! aw really? that sounds wonderful. can't wait to go. thanks allison!

  4. great list!
    and if you ever need company for the toronto related adventures, let me know!
    you should also make everyone dress like cupcakes for your theme party ;) Girls would do well :)

    1. thanks mel! and i will definitely let you know! yeee:) - that's a super cute idea:)

  5. This is an awesome list! & I'm LOVING a few, haha. Like the sangria, YUM. & you visiting 5 new Toronto cafes/restaurants! Be sure to blog about them! Because I never know where to go when I'm in Toronto, haha. & I'm excited for a few more cute Toronto posts! :)

    Good luck with all of these, Jules! You can do it!

    1. hehehe thanks love. i made it already, so good (too good, lol) - i will definitely blog about them too:) yeeee gotta love cute toronto.

      thanks holly darlin'! xo

  6. I love this! Hope you get to do them all :D X


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