April 24, 2012

ask me stuff!

so, i want to post another vlog or two soon but i am stuck on what to vlog about!
any ideas? // any questions for me to answer via vlog post?
i'd like to have some stuff to talk about so i don't ramble too much/seem too awkward.

&& some fun news - giveaway winners!!! :
please email me your info when you have a minute:)
+ lesley jean from yessiree petunia you won carly's giveaway!


  1. question: why are you SO pretty julie ross?

    you're too sweet babygirl.

  3. What're your 5 favourite things about Toronto? ;)
    Or maybe, 5 fave cafes?
    5 fave something or another?
    I find sticking to a number... like 5(Ha) helps keep rambling at bay! Mind you my own Vlog was crazy ramble-y nonetheles... oh well.


  4. Thank you so much for hosting my giveaway! I'll speak to you soon xx

    PS- My question for your vlog is: What do you think it is that make you and Pete such a great couple and your relationship work so well? xxx

  5. I am beyond stoked! Winning truly put a smile on my face!

    I have done one vlog and it was sort of a mess so I feel ya, I want to try to actually pick a topic next time. I love vlogs where people tell a story about something that has happened to them or share a special memory. :)

  6. Any advice on blogging-why you started, do you make money, & if so how? How do you keep the balance of sharing but keeping your own boundaries in your personal life & what not to or share. I'm about up start mine & I luckily ran into your Fabuous and endearing blog ;)

  7. Ps: I tried to contact you on here bug the page did not waist :( one more question about your blogging- sounds so silly bit I truly am brand new to this& still researching the how tops. Who did your layout? And do u pay someone to do it. I particularly like yours ;

  8. what is your favourite childhood memory?
    what are some of the adventures on your bucket list?

  9. awww, thanks guys! i am going to do a new vlog soon and i will answer these questions!



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