April 4, 2012

busy bee (!!!) // cupcake wednesday (!!!)

so, i don't know exactly what i've been reaaaaally busy lately! which is awesome, because life is GOOD!
a few things before my cupcake wednesday post :)

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ok so the lovely elizabeth from please note was having a giveaway for a custom blog header, and i won!!! since amy did such an incredible job on my blog, i really didn't need one. erin came to the rescue and suggested we re-vamp my cupcakes made with love blog! um, best idea ever. my other blog needed some serious tlc and i was planning to get it done by someone in the spring. if you guys don't already know erin aka "eef" then please check her out! she's so creative and talented and was so fun to work with! she did a blog post about re-design of my blog - read it here!
check out this talented girl, esp if you want to get your blog done:)
thank you sooooooo much erin ♥ - i love it SO much!

check it out -- cupcakes made with love!

a few weeks ago i did a cupcake order for a really old friend of mine. her twin sister who is also an old pal, ordered some "candy themed" cupcakes off me. um, hello dream order! the wedding shower was candy themed and very colourful. this is exactly what i love : creative, colourful, & fun!!! i loved making them and think they turned out pretty darn cute :


  1. WOW! Love the cupcakes ... so colorful!

  2. you're cupcakes look SO good! I love the pretty colors and sprinkles! :)

  3. You make the most beautiful vibrant cupcakes! Sooo cute!!


    1. thanks k!!! :) i love making them very fun & bright! xo

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! Every time I see photos of your cupcakes I want to eat them so bad! haha =]

  5. Your cupcake blog is sooo cute! & I totally want some cupcakes now! haha.

  6. Hey! I just discovered your blog and now I am in desperate need of cupcakes... Some violet ones... Or lemon ones... Or both? Ohhh! :)

  7. okay, i just stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did! it's so cute!! seems we have a lot in common ;)

    follow back if you get a chance :)
    From Cupcakes, With Love x


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