April 28, 2012

facebook pictures over the years!

So, I saw this on my girl Holly's Blog and totally knew I wanted to do it! So fun :)

Suzy came up with the idea & I saw Alice did it toooo, so here is my post:

1) post your first ever facebook profile picture.
2) pick one photo {only one} from each consecutive year up to the present one.
3) explain.

I just realized I didn't include my first ever facebook profile picture because I feel like I deleted the first one I ever had, maybe. So instead I will start with one photo from every year (even though I am doing more than one because there are some amazing memories there) - Looking through my old profile pictures reminded me of so many amazing times in my life! Damn. Just got reminded of how lucky I am! So many incredible people in my life:) LIFE IS GOOD!

2007 :
halloween costume : kat von d! won best costume that year!
my friend stef had such an amazing halloween party with all my close friends (from high school!) so many awesome costumes and great times.

alaska! my first ever contract working on a cruise ship! on board the norwegian star!:) - sailing through glacier bay in alaska. most beautiful views to see every week for 4 months!!! unreal. met the best people ever.

2007 :
me on an amazing beach in tortola! during my contract on the dawn :) - loved going there with my pals and spending the day on the beach. this is also my profile pic with the most comments. lolz. i think 29?
(also, this makes me want to work out and get healthy! this is probably the smallest i've ever been)

2008 :
in bermuda! (one of my favourite places ever!) this was before we all went to a club downtown bermuda - i was just starting to get a crush on pete at this time (awwww, melts my heart)

2008 :
pete & i at BMO field (toronto) on our very first date "on land" - yeeee! such an amazing day. i surprised pete with tickets to the game, we had so much fun. && i was SOOO nervous.

2009 :
NYC - crumbs bake shop! while on the ship that went to bermuda, we were docked in new york every sunday. pete & i went on an adventure every weekend and it was absolutely wonderful! crumbs are my favourite cupcakes in the world. "the good guy" cupcake? omg. i die.

my big bro joey got married! ahhh! such an amazing day. i was so honoured to be a bridesmaid to my new sister (in-law) lindsey! she's the coolest ever. this is me and my big bros (best evs) on joe & linds' wedding day!

2009 :
thailand love! this is pete and i at "monkey beach" in thailand! absolute heaven. wow. i've done a few posts on thailand in the past, but i think i will do another one soon! perfect day that was/

2010 :
mexico! one of my best friends heather got married in mexico that year and it was the best time ever. spend the week with 3 of my best friends in the world (we've been friends for over 20 years!!!)

2010 :
me and my momma! this is at a breast cancer fundraiser dance that we go to every week! with the ringette family:) so much fun // so much pink!!

2011 :
me & my man on our 3 year anniversary! woo-hoo! we were shaking our tails at clintons that night. so fun:)

2011 :
pete and i at the cabin * :) siiiiigh. pretty much my favourite place to go & relax! best place ever. 
this was thanksgiving weekend too, the most perfect weather.

2012 :
my babygirl niece ivy and i! she is the cutest little girl in the world. i love hanging out with her so much! she has so much character. love her mick jagger face!

whoa - that was fun! typing that out made me feel well travelled! :)


  1. Such a fun post idea! I'll have to try it too.
    How did you like working on the cruise ships? I've always been curious about it/see ads for photographers on them every once in a while. Might have to pick your brain about it someday.
    Thanks for this little walk down your memory lane!

  2. Ouuu cute idea for a post! I was soo little when I first started on facebook though - I feel so silly looking back xD

    I have a maassss amount of profile pics, I never want to delete the ones with special comments or special memories attached!!!

    Btw, you have an amazing smile! And you and Pete are the cuuuutest!


  3. i like this post so much julie! your halloween costume is hilarious. ;)

  4. Love this post, so many lovely photos! X

  5. What a lovely idea, I think I might have to give it a go! :D

  6. Wooo!! I think you are one of the happiest people I've ever seen!! I love these photos. They make me wanna go travel!

  7. i love your life and your photos and your travels!! :)

    you're my favourite.

  8. These are so wonderful! :) It was nice sharing some of your memories with you. Seems like so much adventure. This looks so fun. (The FB photo for each year.) Too bad I deleted mine (and all of the photos first) last week! :)

  9. What a great idea, i might have to steal it! I love reminiscing through old pictures - what a cute way to do so! :)


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