April 1, 2012

oh hi april! // button swap!

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OMG! It's April!
Hi Darlin's - Happy Sunday ♥♥♥
I had such an amazing weekend! I will post more about that later:) (including a VLOG!)
I cannot believe that March is over. That month literally flew by! April is here already. I am so ready for Spring too. March was a great month, but very busy for sure. I got through quite a few of my March goals - Here are the ones that I accomplished. ----
♥ send 5 surprise letters in the mail :)
♥ have at least two "unplugged" nights (we had one..but it was fun!)
♥ spend time setting goals & brain storming for cupcakes made with love
♥ host a st.patty's day party!
host a giveaway on my blog!
♥ do my beatles vlog
♥ comment to all of my blog comments! (i made a huge improvement!)
Is anyone interested in doing a button swap for April?!
(your button will be on the right side of my blog -->)
If so send me an email to thelifeofacupcake@gmail.com
& now for some APRIL goals. :]
+ make a frittata
+ pack away winter clothes & bust out my spring ones!
+ have more productive lunch breaks at work (get organized, make lists, read)
+ have a martini night
+ start planning for pete's birthday!
+ do another "cute toronto" blog post
+ complete my 27 things to do before 28 list
+ make a piece of jewelry


  1. Emailed you about swap!!
    Great goals!

  2. Happy April!! : )

    I emailed you as well! :)

  3. julie ross, do not post that vlog haha

  4. Never got to do my giveaway :( ah well haha

    1. there's still time! i am gonna keep all of you guys up for april too!!!!:)

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love yours! And you are absolutely stunning little bunny.


    1. awwww, my pleasure. i am looooving yours girl! && thank you so much. you are way too sweet.


  6. haha I felt like March lasted for EVER!! I'd love to do a lil' button swap with ya!

  7. LOL. yeah you're kinda right! YESSSS LET'S DO IT PRETTY:)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)