April 15, 2012

.party planning!.

if you read my blog often then you know how much i love to plan parties. i just love parties in general actually. i love going to them, but even more so i love planning them! for as long as i can remember i have loved to be a hostess. nothing better then getting to spend time with friends, family, co-workers and seeing old friends you haven't seen in forever. i love bringing people together to celebrate something special! it's the best feeling ever. i love doing it so much that i hope that someday it might be my job :) - i have a little dream of being a party planner. & maybe when the time is right, it will happen!
but for now, i will continue to host parties for the people i love..and have an awesome time doing it!

i've got a few parties coming up -
♥ next saturday we're having a girls night/sleepover with my bffs - sangrias!?
♥ may 5th - cinco de mayo themed birthday party for pete (so excited for this!)
♥ may 13th will mark 10 years since my dad died. i am hosting a celebration of his life with family and friends. we're having a bbq in my moms backyard. i am really looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing so many special memories and photo's of my dad. basically just spending a good few hours talking about how he was the most amazing guy ever.

here are a few party-ish photo's! ;;


  1. julies, you are definitively the party queen! i can tell those upcoming events delights you. i foresee more party planning & fun in your future. :)

  2. Ouuuu you would ROCK as a party planner! Like, SERIOUSLY rock at it!

    I love hosting parties too, and helping out when people throw parties with decorations and set up and food! Lots of fun :D


  3. I love these photos! Can you plan my party for me? I love nothing more than scrolling through party ideas on Pinterest at the moment so I know how you feel. xxx

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  5. Oh man you got me at sangria! Haha.

    I think you would be a PERFECT party planner! Everything you put together just seems so fun & cute! Ah!

    I think it's such a sweet idea that you are having a celebration of your Dad's life. So sweet.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)