April 9, 2012

a post on why life is REALLY good.

hi guys! :)
so today i want to talk about life, and how it seriously rules!
i know i often post about my life and what is going on, and 95% of the time it seems to be good stuff! sure, my life is not perfect, but i focus on and post about the good things in life, hoping that my positivity will come across some what infectious. i strongly believe that your life is what you make of it - so if you're not happy with it, it's time to make some changes. you deserve the best!
if it's not happening, MAKE it happen.
i had to work friday so i have today off, and i went to the park and sat in the sunshine, drinking coffee and reading my book. looking at fellow torontonians sitting and smiling, walking their dogs, laughing with friends and enjoying their day. i just sat there and thought about my life and how good it's been and how thankful i am and how much i have to look forward to!
i also thought about my blog. sometimes i have the time to put a lot of effort in to it, and sometimes i can't update for 5 days because i have too much going on. but either way, your blog is what ever you want it to be! don't feel guilty for posting too much or too little. i think we can all agree that one thing all of us bloggers have in common is we love blogging. whether it's once a day, once a week or once a month - blogging is something we enjoy doing! blogging has become a hobby of mine, i have fun doing it! i make time for it, because it's something i really like to do! so there it is, you're stuck with me!

here are some reasons why life has been SO good lately :
+ had an amazing easter weekend with the fam!
+ pete got a new job (ahhh, yay!)
+ i won a free flight anywhere in north america!
+ i'm going to the blue jays home opener tonight!
+ dinner at the keg tomorrow night :)
+ sunshine in toronto
+ so many fun weekends coming up!
&&& now some instagram photo's
(ps - facebook bought instagram. that makes me SO sad.)

my ring collection :
new cupcake blog! yay! :
lunch dates at little nicky's :
bff's & martini's :) :
hangin' with my bro. love him! :
adventures! always! :
cute little sayings are my favourite :
my grandma & ivy! :
love spending time with this cutie! :
she's perfect! :
easter dinner ♥ :
margarita's with this amazing gal :


  1. life really IS good! cute pictures!:)


  2. Ring collection is amazing! Your life is looking pretty darn swell.

  3. Beautiful. :) Great and happy life.

  4. Your ring collection is AHHHmazing!!! And I love when life is just going your way, the sun is shinin', the man has a new job, and just spending time with family. I'm happy you had a great weekend!

    P.S. What's your instagram name? I'm @breezy_days
    Find me, cause I want to follow you! :)

    Bri Rios

  5. Fun photos! That is a lot of rings!!!
    Enjoy your fun weekends

  6. I don't think I knew that you were a Jays fan. If you ever want to go, Steve and I got season tickets this year for the first time :)
    Love the ring collection too.


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