May 17, 2012

canadian life! : cottage weekends

cottage life

i wanted to dedicate a blog post to one of my favourite things ever - going to the cottage!
i'm sure this happens all over the world, but us canadians love going up north for a weekend of camp fires, hikes, relaxation, laughs, drinks, swimming, boat rides and just spending time outside away from the city life, technology etc. this is such a canadian thing to me & definitely one of the things i look forward to most in the summer time! :) such a peaceful, amazing place to be.

saturday morning i'm heading up to the cabin with a bunch of friends for a weekend of fun! 
i am SO excited. fingers crossed that the weather is going to be as amazing as it's saying!
26 & 27 and sunny - yeeeee! either way, it will be perfection.
this weekend is "may 2-4" // victoria day weekend here in canada - it's the first cottage weekend of the summer for most of us & the first long weekend of the summer!

i'm so ready!
anyone else love cottaging as much as me? are you going to yours this weekend?


  1. YAY!! Who doesn't love cottages? So much fun!! I'm going up to mine but not until Sunday evening as I work all weekend but having Sunday night and all day Monday will be great...just hoping SO much that the rain that is being called for Monday holds off for me :) The whole fam is going up to so it will be fun!

    Have an awesome time jujubes!

  2. Have a great time Julie! I am heading to mine in 3 hours!!!! WOOP!
    Happy 2-4!

  3. I've never been cottaging (I'm from Texas, so yeah... lol), but is sure sounds like fun! Maybe someday I can plan a family trip up North to do something like that. Enjoy your weekend and I'm sure other people, as well as myself, would love to see pics when you get back! :)

  4. I loooooooooove going up to the cottage! I miss my family's cottage... we had one in Haliburton for yeaaaaaaars! Like my Dad went to it as a newborn! Haha. I miss it..

    Hope you are having an awesome time!! :)

  5. Spending the weekend in a cottage far far away sounds perfect! I wish there were more of these in the British countryside! Closest I'll get to a cottage is a tent... And as we're in England it'll probably rain! Have a lovely weekend! Hope the weather stays good for you! X


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)