May 11, 2012

europe bound!

happy friday!
i'm so excited, because pete got his vacation time approved which means... we're going to europe! 
we're leaving august 12th and our first stop is holland & then we are going to england ♥
i am SO excited. just giddy! 
i am reuniting with some incredible people that i met while doing my internship in florida! i am so happy i could cry. we are staying with my dutch bff in amsterdam (sjarde!) and we are staying with pete's family in england. perfect! can't wait for this adventure.
more on this later! just wanna to boast a bit. hehe...

[ holland ]

[ england ]


  1. Ahhhh I am so so so jealous!!!
    Lucky you!
    Amy xo

  2. Lucky you! I'm going to London in September and I can't wait. x

    1. i will let you know how it goes! i think it will be amazing!

  3. Oh I so love both Amsterdam and London. Jealous!

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You two are going to have such a blast!! Ahhh!!


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