May 7, 2012

simple ways to smile!


if you're a regular reader of my blog you know how much i love to smile & have fun!:)
i try to do up-lifting positive posts as often as i can, and it seems as though i am due for one so here we go...
simply little things to make you smile

+ have a cup of tea
+ read a good book, while in comfy clothes
+ say "i love you" (every day)
+ take time to snuggle
+ watch your favourite movie
+ go for a nice long walk or a run
+ drink some wine
+ wear red lipstick
+ take a bubble bath
+ compliment a stranger
+ pick up some fresh flowers for your place
+ treat yourself to a latte
+ update your blog in a little cafe
+ hold hands
+ listen to otis redding
+ bake some cupcakes
+ stay in on a friday night, order in, relax
+ go to a cottage for the weekend
+ go unplugged
+ call your grandma &/or grandpa
+ listen to your favourite album from high school
+ send a good morning text
+ look through an old photo album
+ paint your nails to look bright & colourful

i hope one of these things make you smile soon.


  1. awww..You are such a ray of sunshine! :) Love it all to bits! :) Thanks!

    XO Jenny

  2. great list! <3 i love "compliment a stranger" -- i did that the other day when i was very crabby and it works!

  3. Such a lovely post Jules!
    I wear red lipstick and have my nails in bright colours as often as possible :)

  4. Such a lovely post, you are amazing! <3 X

  5. Perfect list, Jules!! Your blog always makes me smile! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)