May 6, 2012

smiles & parties & giggles

just another little update to say hi* & you're wonderful.
i just wanted to share a couple of fun party photo's from this weekend!
what a great weekend, i think it's time to snuggle up & relax.
had the best day with my birthday boy :)

our hungover view from the couch this morning :
our bar set up before the party! :
prepping for margarita's (with mustache straws!) and tequila shots :
pete's presents! :
my babe on the balcony :
i love this shot! today @ sugar beach.  perfection. :

goodbye loves! it's time to watch drive (so good!)


  1. where did you find such a cute cinco de mayo banner!? if you tell me you made it yourself, i'll just die. love the first shot with the balloons! so festive & sweet. xo.

    1. hehehe, you're cute. i got this amazingly cute banner kit from urban outfitters! it was on sale for $5 - there's tonnnns of letters & numbers and you can make your own banner. thanks love! i love that first photo too!


  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the mustache straws! :)

  3. Aw, what a lovely weekend!
    I haven't seen Drive yet but I'm dying to!

    1. just perfect! oooh, you should watch it. i really loved it - pete and i saw it in the theatre but i just got it for him on dvd for his birthday:)

  4. Happy birthday to your boy!! Look like you guys had fun :)

  5. Looks Fun! So sure& festive!!!

  6. def LOVE the fact you had mustache straws!!!

  7. Looks like such a fun party & weekend!! (Minus the hungover bit, ha. That's the worst!)

    I've gotta check out Sugar Beach next time I'm in TO!


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