June 8, 2012

sail on!

Oh Hi!♥
I've missed you cuties. I had a really busy and tiring week. I kinda sorta got a promotion at work? I am doing a totally different job now, something much more me so that's awesome. I will post more about that later! This weekend I have lots going on but Saturday will be a perfect rainy day - sleep in, coffee & hangouts with my boy, cleaning&organizing, crafts, blogging, running some errands, reading. (lolz) That is a day of no "plans" for me. Tomorrow night = hangin' with my girls (/gays) !!!


So if your are wondering about that cute-as-can-be photo&quote above, it was made by the lovely Tamara from Tamara's Blend! When asking if anyone was interested in guest posting this month, Tamara emailed me with the idea to post a graphic she had made with a positive quote - so I obviousssssly wanted her to be a part of it! Please check out Tamara's blog! It's just lovely - she's very talented and every post looks so perfect & wonderful. I think you'll quite like it!

I love this quote + photo - it's a quote from Jiminy Cricket ♥ Learn more about Tamara by reading below! :) ;

I'm really enthusiastic about photography so my blog is mostly about my photos from travelling, trips and also photos of delicious food and just random things that I find interesting to photograph - there are so many photogenic objects all around us, we just have to keep our eyes open! I believe that photography also changed my perspective on the world - now I'm really more aware of the little things and some details that I otherwise wouldn't notice. 

I've been blogging for less than a year and I really like this way of sharing ideas with the world and connecting with my readers. I just love reading their thoughts on my photos and reflections. Sometimes I love to do an inspirational "poster" for them and for myself - such as the one that I'm sharing with you. I'm a big fan of beautiful photos combined with some motivational quotes - there's nothing more inspiring than that! 

Aside from blogging, I'm a student of International Relations and Journalism (I started studying Journalism paralelly last year) and I'm in love with both, especially International Relations, although the study has no connection whatsoever with my blog. :-) 


Happy Friday Everyone! Stay posted for some cute blog posts this weekend/next week!


  1. Congrats on the promotion! That's awesome!!

  2. congrats jules! how exciting :) and i love tamara's blog! found yours through hers.

    andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com

  3. I just found your blog and love it! i cannot wait to read your next post!
    -we just followed you and would appreciate it if you could do the same to us! you are such a great writer!


  4. Woo woo woo!!! Congrats on the promotion! Go you! :)


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