July 29, 2012

be better, be you.

i am constantly doing my best to be a better person.
i definitely try to live my life in a positive way, even if that's not how i am feeling at the time.
my life is definitely not perfect, and i do my best to leave personal struggles and negativity off my blog. 
so if it seems that my life is all sunshine, cupcakes & sparkles....well it is! but not all of the time.
here are some little things i'm going to try to do to be a better me ♥

- smile more! (especially at strangers on the street)
- spread more love & positivity around the city
- make a better effort to see all my friends more, even if it's just squeezing in a hangout!
- call my family more! it always seems to make them pretty happy 
- be GREEN! eat more fruits & vegetables
- don't make excuses
- spread happiness at my work! i really love the people i work with
- take more risks
- set goals, and follow through with them more
- be better with my money, save more.
- LEARN more. focus on things i don't know about and constantly learn
- make new friends! (because you can never have too many)
- positive feedback - if i get good service somewhere, reward that person!
- spend more time doing the things that make me truly happy:)
- take more photo's
- go on more adventures!
- use my creative side more : get crafty


  1. Such a beautiful list. I'm thinking my top three from your list are: smiling, learning and being more creative! G'day recipe for a perfect life :)

    Thanks for such an awesome post. Posts like this one really help keep things in perspective!

    1. thanks love! :)

      aw i love those ones too!

      glad you enjoyed the post. that always makes me smile :)

  2. Looooove everything on this list <3

  3. Excellent list! As far as I know, no one's life is ever all cupcakes and sunshine, but I love when people do try to see the positive in things. I strive to be a better person all of the time, and I really appreciate others who do the same!

    1. thanks girl! yes you're right, no one is always that happy! yesss, always gotta see the positive. you GO girl!

  4. great list jules! i love that quote- its such a good reminder to always be better than you were yesterday :)

    andrea brionne

    1. thanks so much pretty lady! such a good quote, great words to live by!xo

    2. great quote! i'm putting it in my words to remember file. julie, those are super things you're striving for. i'm sure you do most of the stuff on that list already, don't you? :)


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